Tour de Yorkshire comes to Barnsley - Sunday 30 April

Stage three of the Tour de Yorkshire 2017 will race through Barnsley on Sunday 30 April.  

There’s lots of information about the day on the main Tour de Yorkshire website, but we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for residents who’d like to find out more and get involved in the big day!

Where can I get the best view?

If you want to make the most of the race, Barnsley offers the opportunity to watch the cyclists in action twice. Take a look at the interactive map to plan where to stand to see the most action. 

Will I be able to park nearby?

We are encouraging people to avoid unnecessary car journeys on the day and to be aware that parking at hotspot venues will be limited. There’s still plenty of ways to get to the race using public transport and by walking or cycling. Take a look below for more information.

Can I get to the race using public transport?

Take a look at the public transport timetable for race day and plan your journey with Travel South Yorkshire (TSY). Please note that the following bus services will be suspended between 3pm and 6pm:

  • 21A Barnsley – Millhouse Green
  • 24A Barnsley – Penistone
  • 29 Chapeltown – Penistone

Are there any other ways to travel to the race?

Why not use the opportunity to get out and about and explore the fabulous Trans Pennine Trail? See the interactive map here.

What time will the tour arrive?

Expected arriving times*:

  • Millhouse 4.06pm
  • Thurlstone 4.07pm
  • Penistone 4.09pm
  • Oxspring 4.14pm
  • Thurgoland 4.17pm
  • Wortley 4.21pm
  • Green Moor 4.27pm
  • Underbank 4.32pm (loop)
  • Mortimer Road 4.55pm
  • Underbank 4.58pm (loop)

*These timings are subject to the speed of riders and could vary by approximately 30 minutes.

Find the full route maps here.

Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Sportive

The Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Sportive will be taking place between 6am and 4pm. Over 3,000 amateur riders will be travelling the three designated routes, please keep this firmly in mind and drive with extra care and patience if you’re undertaking travel during this period. Take a look at the full route maps here.

Road closures

Full road closures from 6am to 6pm:

This will enable key spectator areas to be safely managed.

  • Mortimer Road
  • Oxspring Road - junction A616
  • Underbank Lane
  • Thurgoland Bank
  • Bower Hill junction – Halifax Road
  • Roper House Lane
  • Roper Lane
  • Cote Lane

Sportive closures from 6am to 11am:

These closures are vital to minimise traffic-cyclist interaction. Managed access to residents will be maintained.

  • Chapel Lane
  • Hartcliffe Road
  • Grudgeby Lane
  • Dyson Cote Lane Hartcliffe Hill Road
  • Cross Lane
  • Sike Lane
  • Schole Hill Lane
  • Don Hill Height
  • Back Lane
  • Brockholes Lane
  • Doubting Lane
  • Judd Field Lane

Penistone town centre closures from 12noon to 6pm:

Road closures are subject to spectator numbers.

  • St Marys Street
  • Market Place
  • Shrewsbury Road
  • Market Street
  • High Street
  • Church Street
  • Sheffield Road

Is there anything else to do on the day?

There’s a variety of entertainment that’s been planned to make the day even more exciting in close by Penistone and Oxspring. Come along and enjoy live music, family entertainment and delicious food on offer. As well as that, there are lots of great places to see in and around Barnsley if you want to make a day out of seeing the race take a look at Visit Barnsley for a list of nearby attractions.

Plan your day

  • Avoid unnecessary car journeys
  • Think Bike!
  • Consider your viewing point
  • Springvale recycling centre will close at 2.30pm on the race day
  • Stays in the know… follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Is there anything I should remember on the day?

We're reminding all spectators to respect, protect and enjoy... 

  • Consider the local community and others enjoying the race; don’t block gates, driveways or roads.
  • Protect the environment. Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home.
  • Keeping your dog on a lead is important, especially near the race. There have been crashes in the past when dogs have escaped onto the route.
  • Not all roads will be fenced. If it isn't, be sure to stay on the very edge and don't encroach the riders.
  • Don’t attempt to run alongside any riders.
  • Take pictures but do so safely and don’t obstruct the riders. Please be extra careful with selfie sticks.
  • Have fun, cheer everyone on and enjoy the day!

How can I get involved with cycling in the borough?

You can get involved with cycling by visiting one of your local bike hubs these including Birdwell Wheelers, Geared Up Cycles RT, Team Cystic Fibrosis and Barnsley Road Club.    

Earlier this year, with the help of our household waste and recycling site contractor FCC Environment and local social enterprise Cycle Penistone CIC, we set out to rescue Barnsley’s unwanted bikes and bring them back into use again. Find out more about how we repaired and offered the bicycles back to the local community at affordable prices here.

It’s easy to donate bikes at our local recycling centres, you can also find out about bike libraries near you where you can borrow a bike or donate bikes for repair and recycling.

For more information please email