93.04 per cent of Barnsley children get first choice of primary school this year

Some 2,657 Barnsley children and their families have been told about their primary school choice today, following offer letters sent out by Barnsley Council.

The council is pleased to announce that 93.04 per cent of children were placed in their first choice of school.

Rachel Dickinson, Executive Director for People, said: “It is excellent news that 2,472 children were given their first choice of primary, which is very similar to last year’s figure of 93.15 per cent.

“Managing the applications has been a result of great partnership working between our schools admissions team and schools. This is a fantastic outcome for children in Barnsley and a great start in young children achieving their potential.”

The breakdown of the national offer day figures for Barnsley is as follows:

  • 2472 children (93.04 per cent) were offered their first choice
    • 112 children (4.2 per cent) were offered their second choice of school
    • 21 children (0.8 per cent) got their third choice of school.
  • 52 children (1.96 per cent) did not get any of their choices but have been allocated a school place by Barnsley Council’s School Admissions team.

There were a number of late applications which will be processed this month.

While it is good news that such a high percentage of applications got an offer of their first choice, the council recognises that not everybody got their first place. Some children and families may have received disappointing news today and we will support them in the next steps.

Families who don’t want to accept the place offered must contact the School Admissions Team in writing within 10 working days of receiving the offer.

Barnsley Council has to comply with the law that states there must not be more than 30 children in classes containing reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. This may determine the type of appeal.

The Admissions Team is happy to support any families wishing to appeal. Contact details and further information is available via www.barnsley.gov.uk by searching for school admissions.

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