A new plan to set out Barnsley’s private sector housing ambitions

Cabinet will be asked to approve a new Private Sector Housing Plan, setting out our ambitions and commitments to ensuring that Barnsley residents can live in good quality homes that provide safe, warm, and healthy environments that meet acceptable energy efficiency and safety standards.

The new plan outlines our approach to regulating and enhancing private sector housing for all our residents and encourages all stakeholders to contribute to delivering against the priorities.

The four key commitments to help us achieve our private sector housing ambition are closely linked to our vision for Barnsley 2030 and contribute towards a healthy, learning, growing and sustainable Barnsley. By 2030, we want everyone to benefit from and contribute to making our borough a thriving place of possibilities, and this plan will help us achieve our goals.

The Private Sector Housing Plan sits directly beneath our overarching Housing Strategy. It complements and supports other local strategic plans and strategies, including the Council Plan, Safer Barnsley Partnership Plan and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The plan focuses mainly on private rented housing but also considers owner-occupiers and some Registered Providers where we have a duty to regulate housing, environmental or behavioural standards. Not only it will help us to secure good standards of housing in all sectors, but it will also make sure that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged can always access appropriate support.

Cllr Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson for Adults and Communities, said: “Our residents living in the private sector deserve to have a home that is safe, warm and sustainable. It is important that we continue to raise and maintain housing standards in Barnsley, and this plan sets out clear actions that will be taken to make sure we achieve this ambition, and ensuring that residents of our borough feel invested in, and connected to, their home and the local community.”

You can read the Private Sector Housing Plan 2030 and find out more about our ambitions by visiting our website at barnsley.gov.uk/private-housing-strategy

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