A628 Dodworth Road improvement scheme – work taking place during school holidays

When is work taking place?

Improvement work is being carried out from Sunday 18 July to Tuesday 31 August 2021

What traffic management is in place?

  • Temporary 4-way lights
  • Temporary lane and footpath closure on Dodworth Road
  • Temporary lane and footpath closure on Pogmoor Road
  • Please note that these are lane closures and not full closure of the road, meaning vehicles can still travel by following the traffic management measures that will be in place.
  • Temporary 2-way traffic lights will be in place for three weekends on 24, 25, July, 31 July and 1 August, and 7, 8 August, on Pogmoor Road bridge for BT diversion works.
  • These works are being carried out while volumes of traffic are lower and to reduce disruption to the road network as much as possible.
  • There will also be a temporary no right turn onto Pogmoor Road if travelling outbound from the town centre.

Where exactly is the work taking place?

  • Road lane and footpath closures will be from 188 to 206 Dodworth Rd, and no right turn onto Pogmoor Road with footpath closure along the park edge.

Why is the work taking place?

  • This work is part of the overall A628 Dodworth Rd improvement scheme to improve access to our town centre.
  • Casey Group who are carrying out this work have a street works permit to allow them to undertake road works in the footpath. This will create a safe walking route for pedestrians and will allow the traffic to use the right-hand lane travelling from the M1.
  • Casey Group engineers will need to occupy the nearside lane on both Dodworth Road and Pogmoor Road. 

Important details

  • Anyone travelling from the direction of the town centre or Horizon School, wanting to turn right on to Pogmoor Road will need to travel up to the M1, J37 roundabout and return back down Dodworth Road to then be able to turn left on to Pogmoor Road.
  • The school holidays have been chosen for this stage of the work, to minimise traffic disruption as much as possible as well as reduce the impact for Horizon school staff and pupils.
  • The measures in place include temporary pedestrian crossings and controlled wheelchair access for residents, with all required safety measures in place.

What will this scheme deliver long-term?

  • The scheme is required to ease existing congestion and improve air quality along Dodworth Road.
  • Junction 37 of the M1 is the key route into Barnsley town centre. Journey times into the town centre have almost trebled in less than two decades, from a morning rush hour average of ten minutes in 2000 to around 27 minutes today.
  • We need to put in place a long-term solution that will provide enough capacity for the current volume of traffic as well as accommodating the future business and housing growth aspirations of Barnsley.

We are working hard to minimise disruption to residents and will be sharing detailed plans on further stages of the improvement scheme.

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