Action taken on reports of barbers and hairdressers trading through Covid restrictions

Barnsley Council’s Regulatory Services team has been working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police to crack down on those hairdressers and barbers who are breaking the law by still operating across the borough, despite lockdown restrictions.

The council thanks the vast majority of local businesses in the Barnsley area who are following the latest government guidance, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep their staff and customers safe.

However, reports have been received of some hairdressers and barbers not following the guidance. Monitoring and spot checks, with South Yorkshire Police, are being carried out. 

If any barber or hairdressing businesses is found trading at this time, they will receive a fixed penalty notice of £1,000 and a prohibition notice. The penalty will increase significantly if they continue to trade and could be as much as £10,000.

Both the barber or hairdresser and the customer would also be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £200, which can go up to £6,400 for repeat offences.

Advice and support have been given to businesses throughout the pandemic in relation to the regulations. This includes details of the financial support available to those businesses that have been forced to close and ensuring that those businesses that can remain open, are operating in a COVID-secure manner.

Regulatory Services continues to work collaboratively with businesses.

Residents can contact them with any concerns or issues they may have by emailing or calling (01226) 773743 and any information received will be investigated.

Barnsley Director of Public Health, Julia Burrows, said: “I know that the various restrictions and lockdowns over the past 12 months have really hit the hair and personal care industry hard in terms of income, and I am grateful to all the businesses who are following the rules.

Those who flout the rules while we are going through this pandemic may not only be harming themselves and their families but the wider Barnsley community.”

Superintendent Paul McCurry, who is overseeing the police’s Covid response, added: “We will continue to work closely with our partners in the local authorities across South Yorkshire to identify those individuals and businesses who, despite months of warnings about the severity and dangers of this virus, continue to operate and put lives at risk.”

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