Advice for Barnsley poultry keepers as Avian Influenza Prevention Zone is declared across England

An Avian Influenza (“Bird Flu”) Prevention Zone was declared across the whole of England from 5pm on Wednesday 11 November. Barnsley Council is advising the borough’s poultry keepers to take steps to protect your birds from bird flu, and ensure captive birds are kept indoors from Monday 14 December. This applies to commercial businesses as well as residents who may only have one pet chicken.

The council is issuing the following advice to all poultry keepers:

  • All poultry normally kept outside must be moved indoors if possible
  • If not possible there must be total covering of all outdoor areas used for poultry housing
  • Access to enclosed outdoor runs can take place but must be supervised
  • Feeding must be under cover and any spilt feed regularly cleaned up
  • Keep records: keep records of all vehicles that enter any part of the premises where poultry are kept and of all people who come into any direct contact with the poultry. Also keep records of all poultry, captive bird and egg movements.
  • Register: register birds online to get alerts on any outbreaks of bird flu:

More information can be found at and on the Government’s announcement of the Prevention Zone.

You should seek veterinary advice if your birds are sick or you have unexplained deaths. To report bird flu in poultry, call the Defra Rural Services Helpline on 03000 200 301.

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