All Streets Permit Scheme to reduce traffic disruption across the borough

This week, Barnsley Council will be introducing an All Streets permit scheme, which aims to reduce disruption to road users caused by road works. It means that anyone wanting to carry out work on Barnsley's roads will need permission from the council, and will need to follow the council's conditions. The scheme expands upon the existing permit scheme, which has been highly successful, to include all highways covered by Barnsley's adopted network.

The programme means that the council will have more authority over works that take place on hundreds of roads in the borough, reducing traffic disruption. This includes the council having control over:

  • The amount of space road works can take up 
  • The way traffic is managed during works
  • How works are carried out

As a result of reduced congestion, the scheme seeks to improve the quality of life of those in the area by providing greater ease of road travel, reducing noise caused by works, and making sure anyone wanting to carry out road works follows health and safety regulations set by the council. By making it easier to travel across the borough, the scheme will also improve air quality and increase the efficiency of public transport. Altogether providing a positive step towards a more environmentally-friendly and low-carbon transport system. 

Cllr Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transport, said: "The expansion of the permit scheme is fantastic news for the development of Barnsley by increasing accessibility and connectivity across the borough. Improving the experience for road users by offering a greater ease of travel will help to support our residents, local businesses and economic growth in the area."

The scheme is set to go live on Tuesday 3 September.

For details of all current and planned roadworks visit:

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