An exhibition to make Everybody Think

Barnsley Council’s latest exhibition has no artistic merit and isn’t designed to attract praise. As part of its #EverybodyThink campaign to tackle environmental crime and protect the environment, the council is sharing a digital gallery of unsightly graffiti that has appeared across the borough

The council has photographed the graffiti ready for the public’s critical eye in the hope that those responsible can be identified and prosecuted. Exhibits include graffiti and tags at a range of locations and will be displayed for the next few weeks on Barnsley Council’s Facebook page.

The council is so keen on finding the culprits it is offering a reward of £250 for each piece of information from the public that leads to a successful prosecution.

Cllr Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson for Communities said: “Graffiti is a horrible blight on our environment; it is criminal damage and unsightly. We’ve been doing our best to remove any tags as they appear, but this costs the council time and money that could be used elsewhere.

“We’re working hard to tackle environmental crime and protect the environment with our #EverybodyThink campaign. We’re sharing the photographs on Facebook so that people can tell us if they have any information that could help us find those responsible for spoiling our local area. With a £250 reward on offer, we hope that people will come forward.”

People are invited to visit the gallery at and share any information by emailing with the subject line ‘graffiti gallery’ or calling 101.

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