Annual Report of the Care4Us Council (2018/19)

Representatives of the Care4Us Council, Joel Besau and Harmony Marriott, presented the Care4Us Council annual report to Cabinet members today.

Members were also shown a video which gave further insight into the important issues affecting the lives of children and young people experiencing care in the borough.

It shows how children and young people in care have either directly or, through the support of the Care4Us Council, made themselves heard not only in making a difference to their lives but those of other children with similar characteristics, both in Barnsley and throughout the region.

Highlights of the report include the Care4Us Council playing a key role in the Ofsted inspection of Barnsley Children’s Social Care services. The young people spoke to inspectors about their lived experiences of being in care, looking at negative and positive aspects of their own personal situations.

Some of the other work that the Care4Us Council members have been involved in include:

  • The production of the NHS health assessment video
  • Meeting with National Adviser for Care Leavers Mark Riddell and having their views included in his report
  • Rebranding of the Care4Us publicity
  • Takeover Challenge 2018
  • Annual Celebration Awards Event

All of this has been helped by Barnsley Council’s ‘Pledge’ to children and young people experiencing care, together with its Local Offer to those leaving care.

Both agreements are available on the Children in Care and Care Leavers webpage and are continually updated in live time.

Melanie John-Ross, Service Director, Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding, said: “As part of highlighting this annual report and the contribution which the Care4Us Council has made in helping promote the wellbeing and potential of such children and young people, I was delighted to welcome Joel and Harmony to present the annual report.

“In listening to them, it was heartening to find the passion and commitment which has enabled these young people to play a significant part in improving the potential and overall wellbeing of children experiencing care in the borough. Long may this continue.

“I would also like to commend the dedicated team of officers who support the work of the Care4Us Council and made this report and video possible.”

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