Annual Reports of the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding Children Partnership

The latest annual reports of the Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership and Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board for 2019/2020 will be presented for Cabinet’s consideration at their next meeting on Wednesday 9 September.

Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Safeguarding Adults Board are multi-agency boards with an independent chair. Both Boards hold partner organisations to account for their effectiveness in safeguarding children and adults and promoting wellbeing.

As in previous years, both reports outline the progress and achievements made by each board in accordance with their statutory role, along with the key actions and objectives to be implemented as part of their business planning.

Among the highlights of the Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership annual report are:

Using learning derived from Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and National Panel.
Thematic Reviews to inform continual improvements in the protection and safeguarding of vulnerable children.

Financial contributions made by partner agencies in support of the partnership’s role and functions.

A comprehensive multi-agency safeguarding training programme has continued to be delivered, which has continued virtually during the lockdown.

Strong links continue to be forged with Designated Safeguarding Leads in all schools and academies, with Designated Safeguarding Leads Forums held every half term.

Among the Safeguarding Adults Board annual report highlights are:

75 per cent (75%) of people who use Adult Social Care service report that services make them feel safe and secure and that the support of adult social care keeps them safe, exceeding both national and Yorkshire and Humber averages.

The SAFE group are a group of people who have experience of services and/or caring and recently they have produced a leaflet for workers and volunteers to leave with an adult who has been harmed or abused to explain the safeguarding journey and who they can contact for help.

Working together with colleagues in Public Health, we hope to establish a universal health passport to improve adult’s access to health services.

Training events have been held, before Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and virtually post lockdown.

Media campaign and multi-agency training have helped identify cases of Financial abuse, where services have been able to assist.

Community volunteers and their managers were provided with safeguarding training to support them to keep adults safe during the lockdown.

A new risk tool has been developed to help workers assess the risks faced by people who hoard, and a list of key contacts was developed.

Both annual reports set out the priorities for 2020/21 including working across the partnership to understand and address:

  • The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in communities to identify and respond to Hidden Harm for children and adults at risk of harm.
  • Commit to developing a multi-agency panel to evaluate and address the risks faced by young people at risk of harm as they move into adulthood.
  • Continue to develop training that supports the Think Family approach and other areas requiring a joint approach (e.g. introduction of the Liberty Protection Safeguards).

Both reports also reflect upon the success of South Yorkshire Safeguarding Awareness Week held in July 2019. It was a packed week of training for staff, volunteers and the public were held, including coffee mornings in all the area councils. Three hundred seventy-nine members of the public engaged with the 19 organisations at an all-day public event.

Both Cabinet reports and annual reports can be found here.

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