Barnsley Council supports Stoptober

Barnsley Council is once again backing Stoptober, the biggest mass-quit attempt for smoking in the country.

Since its inception in 2012, Stoptober has helped more than two million smokers attempt to quit smoking and research has shown that those who manage to quit for 28 days are then five times more likely to stop smoking for good.

The campaign follows on from #QuitForCovid, which saw smokers quit in their highest numbers for a decade.

Help is available for residents who are looking to quit through the NHS Yorkshire Smokefree service, which has over 100 clinics across the region, with telephone and online support available.

Support is also available through daily emails and text alerts, Facebook messenger and encouragement from the Yorkshire Smokefree online community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yorkshire Smokefree can also provide free cessation products.

All support is completely free and confidential, and six out of ten people who access the service go on to quit for good, with the Yorkshire and Humber region recording the highest quit rates of any regional stop smoking service in the UK*. Yorkshire Smokefree can support quitters with stop smoking aids, prescription medication and Nicotine Replacement Therapies.

Councillor Jim Andrews, Barnsley Council Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: "We're pleased to be backing Stoptober again. It's a great way to help people stop smoking for good.

"Plenty of support is available in the local area through the great work being done by NHS Yorkshire Smokefree, and I would encourage any resident participating in Stoptober to get in touch with them if they need any help.

"Figures in Barnsley show that 81.7% of adults in the borough do not smoke (PHE, 2019). This is a good achievement, but we still need to support others who want to quit.”

NHS Yorkshire Smokefree said: "Stoptober is back and we are working alongside the government initiative to help you stop smoking for good.

"As a service we're continuing to support the people of Barnsley on their quit journeys, offering weekly telephone support and free cessation products for 12 weeks.

"Looking after our health has never been so important, especially our lungs and respiratory system. We know how much damage smoking does to the lungs, making it harder for us to breathe.

"When you give up smoking, you give your body and lungs the chance to repair itself. So why not make this year, the year you quit the habit for good!

"Let's quit smoking and breathe."

If you're interested in stopping smoking or have questions about the NHS Yorkshire Smokefree service, please call 0800 6120011 or 0330 6601166 to speak to an advisor.

For more information, visit the Stoptober website and the Yorkshire Smokefree website.

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