Barnsley proposes fee uplifts for care and support to ensure sustainability and enhance care worker pay

Barnsley Council has released a comprehensive report outlining the proposed fee uplifts for care and support services in the area. These fee uplifts aim to support the ongoing sustainability of care provision while acknowledging the rising cost of living that businesses have had to navigate.

Additionally, they prioritise the continuous enhancement of pay for care workers in Barnsley.

Although funding reforms for Adult Social Care have experienced delays, this report also includes essential details regarding the conditions that all councils must fulfil to access the available funding.

The proposed fee uplifts have been meticulously planned within the framework of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy. These budgeted adjustments demonstrate Barnsley's commitment to prioritising quality and sustainability in Adult Social Care support services.

We submitted a Market Sustainability Plan in March as part of the funding requirements. This plan outlines our approach to ensuring long-term sustainability in the care sector.

By introducing these fee uplifts, Barnsley aims to foster a thriving care system that meets the needs of both residents and care workers. We recognise the invaluable contributions of care workers in providing sustainable, high-quality care for people across the community.

Councillor Jo Newing, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place Health and Adult Social Care, said: “I am pleased to announce the proposed fee uplifts for care and support services in Barnsley. These uplifts are a testament to our commitment to the sustainability of care provision and the wellbeing of our care workers.

“We recognise the tremendous value and importance of care workers in our community. They are the backbone of our care system, providing essential support to those in need. We aim to create a sustainable environment that prioritises quality and meets the needs of residents who need services and care workers.

“We acknowledge that there is more to do in this space with the independent sector and will continue to work towards strong outcomes for the whole sector. We appreciate the contributions of our care workers and remain dedicated to providing sustainable, high-quality care for everyone in Barnsley."

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