Barnsley residents are given food for thought

Barnsley residents are being asked to take part in the ‘food for thought’ survey to hear their views on the provision of healthy food served in restaurants and cafés in Barnsley.

The short survey will ask how important healthy eating is to them and their families.

The answers will give insight around eating habits in Barnsley and how caterers can diversify the food on offer to provide healthier options for residents. 

Councillor Jim Andrews, the Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “We want all residents to have their say on the healthy food choices in Barnsley. I would encourage everyone to take time to complete the short survey.

“These changes will help us to improve food and catering services around Barnsley, providing more options for residents, ensuring that we cater to everybody’s needs.”

The survey will run from Monday 30 September until Monday 21 October and can be completed by visiting

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