Barnsley residents with sight loss reminded give their views in survey

Barnsley’s Vision Strategy group is issuing a reminder that it wants to hear about the experiences of Barnsley residents who have sight loss, from the point of diagnosis to on-going support and services.

People have until Sunday, 21 April to complete a questionnaire, which will help the group identify any gaps and what people want to focus on.

People are being asked for their experiences, views, and opinions on prevention, independence and inclusion, and services.

The survey can be completed online at

Hard copies are also available and can be filled in with support from members of the group including Barnsley Hospital and the RNIB, and over the telephone.

The Vision Strategy group is made up of representatives from people with sight loss, Barnsley Council, Education Inclusion Services, HealthWatch, Charities, NHS (Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, South West Yorkshire Foundation NHS Partnership Trust, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and local opticians).

The group is working together to develop ways to prevent sight loss, promote local eye health services and develop services for Barnsley people who have sight loss.

It plans to work with people with sight loss to look at what can be done within the resources available. They want to help people engage in what is already available locally, help support new community projects and look at developing services.

The term ‘sight loss’ includes people who have a sight loss that is affecting their everyday life; they may or may not be registered as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind).

Feedback on the outcome of the engagement event will be provided to people by October. 

For more information contact Emma White or Val Cole on 01226 787329.

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