Barnsley’s Public Health team gives Test and Trace a boost

Members of Barnsley Council’s Public Health team will be contacting residents who have been identified as testing positive for Covid-19 to offer support and guidance.

This work complements and enhances the work of NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England, to ensure that as many people as possible are reached by contact tracing, to prevent further transmission of Covid-19 across the borough.

Barnsley’s local Public Health team will use the data provided by NHS Test and Trace and aim to follow up all positive cases, firstly by text to offer support for self-isolating safely and then by following up with a supportive call or email.

All data will be fed into the same system by both the national and local teams to ensure there is a complete view of how the service is working and how the virus might be spreading.

Barnsley’s Director of Public Health, Julia Burrows, said: “We want to do everything we can to identify and support as many people as we can who have been identified by the Test and Trace system and who need to self-isolate.

“I want people to be aware that if they receive this message, it is genuine and that they need to take action to prevent transmitting this very serious virus throughout our communities.”

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