Barnsley’s roadmap updated in line with restrictions easing on Monday 17 May

Following the government’s next phase of the national roadmap, we’ve updated our Barnsley roadmap to give you more information about what changes you can expect over the next few months.

The focus remains on the safe re-opening of our town and rebuilding people’s confidence around safety while continuing the vaccination rollout. It’s still important that we’re vigilant against new variants and that our environments are COVID secure.

The updated roadmap highlights the second phase of government restrictions easing from May until July. It outlines what will be happening in the local area to help you plan ahead when areas may be busier, such as events or school half term. This will help you to make sure your plans around these dates are in line with restrictions. 

You can also find details on our performance in school attendance and town centre footfall. This will give you an insight into how we’re recovering as a borough and where we are compared to pre-pandemic.

Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council, said: “It is great to see Barnsley re-opening alongside the government’s national roadmap, and I would like to thank everyone that has played their part in following the rules and restrictions in place so that this could happen.

“The second phase of Barnsley’s roadmap shows us how our borough is moving through the easing of restrictions, with more businesses re-opening and more events taking place, which shows what residents can look forward to and plan for in the coming months.

“It’s vital that while these welcome changes are taking place in Barnsley, that we continue to follow the restrictions set out by government to do this safely. Please continue to regularly wash your hands, wear a face covering when required, keep your distance from others, and welcome fresh air in during your meetups to help stop the spread as we spend more time with people.”

The updated roadmap can be viewed online on the Barnsley Council website.

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