Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board has changed its name

Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board is now known as the Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership.

This is in response to the changes set out in the latest version of the ‘Working Together’ guidance document published in July 2018 which sets out the new national arrangements for partnership working to safeguard children and young people.

Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) have been a statutory requirement since 2004 with each local authority having the responsibility to establish one for their area.

In 2015, in response to a number of disappointing outcomes nationally of LSCB inspections, the Government commissioned Alan Wood CBE to lead a review of LSCBs. Alan Wood’s review recommended the abolition of LSCBs and that they should be replaced by a stronger partnership of the key statutory partners, police, health and local authorities who would determine local safeguarding arrangements. Those recommendations were accepted by the Government that has made the necessary changes to legislation.

The further detail was set out in Working Together 2018.

In Barnsley this has been seen as an opportunity to build on the strengths of existing arrangements. The verbal feedback to the OFSTED Inspection of Children’s’ Services in 2018 recognised that the Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board was ‘robust and effective’.

The new arrangements, published on the council’s dedicated safeguarding page incorporate the changes required by Working Together 2018 while retaining features that are considered to be strengths.

The Partnership will look to learn from other areas as it embeds its new arrangements and in particular those areas that were selected as ‘Early Adopters’.

Bob Dyson, the Independent Chair of Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board will continue to chair the partnership board under the new arrangements.

He said: “The Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board has played an important role in the improvements that have taken place in safeguarding children, acknowledged by Ofsted in their 2018 Inspection which rated Barnsley Council Children’s Services as ‘Good’.

“The Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership will continue that work, building on existing strengths and reinforcing our commitment to keeping Children and Young People Safe. I am pleased to be able to say that Barnsley has strong partnership arrangements for safeguarding our young people.”

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