Barnsley schools are gearing up for the Daily Mile

Barnsley Council will begin its #BarnsleyMile campaign from Wednesday 1 March to encourage the borough’s primary schools to take part in the Daily Mile, a 15 minute run, jog or walk outside of their classroom.

Local schools will be urged to join the Daily Mile movement throughout the month as research has shown that just a 15 minute burst of physical exercise, breaking up the normal school day, is enough to help children increase concentration as well as achieve the obvious health benefits. The Daily Mile requires no change of uniform and can be completed at any point in the day, giving the teachers freedom to use the daily mile in instances when classes become disrupted or when concentration levels start to dip.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet spokesperson for Public Health said “We appreciate that teachers have a very busy schedule, but this scheme should take no more than 15 minutes from the children leaving their seat, to sitting down again. Once complete, the teachers should see more efficient and focused minds ready to learn, making it worth the time out of their busy day.

“What is great about the scheme is that it is open to everybody, it is not a race or about the ability level, it’s about having the short break and being active and involved in order to regain some focused learning.

Dr Jonas Thompson-McCormick, Specialty Registrar in Public Health said “There’s a proven link in research between daily physical activity and increased attainment. Healthier children do better at school and conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes can be prevented in childhood.

After talking to schools that are already doing The Daily Mile, the improvement in pupils’ learning and wellbeing cannot be ignored, even after just two weeks.”

The scheme originated from Scotland, but now around 500,000 primary school children in the UK do the Daily Mile. Although some schools within the Barnsley borough are already actively using the Daily mile as a way to increase the focus and fitness of their pupils, it is hoped that the campaign month will see more schools take on board the benefits and at least give the scheme a go.

It is also hoped that a presentation to local head teachers and other interested professionals, being given by the founder of the Daily Mile, Elaine Wyllie, during the campaign month will further encourage schools to give the #BarnsleyMile a try.

For more information about the scheme and presentation with Daily Mile Founder, Elaine Wiley, please contact Adam Norris at

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