Barnsley welcomes an impressive increase in affordable homes

Barnsley Council has revealed that 53 affordable homes were created between October and December 2020, bringing the total number so far during 2020-21 to an impressive 102 affordable homes - exceeding the target for the year. This reflects the councils ongoing commitment and priority to create more, better homes for residents across the borough. 

This is just one highlight taken from the council’s quarter three performance report 2020-21 (October to December 2020) which will be considered at cabinet on Wednesday 10 March. The report reveals that despite these unprecedented and challenging times, the council is performing well with good progress being made towards achieving their 12 outcomes and three key priorities as outlined in the corporate plan  

Here’s a snapshot of the key highlights and achievements outlined in the report across all priority areas: 

  • 38 businesses have been supported to expand and a further 4 new businesses have relocated to Barnsley in the last quarter– both on track to achieve their annual targets. 
  • An impressive 73.5of care leavers in Barnsley are currently in education, employment or training, whilst the number of adults with learning difficulties helped into employment has also increased - exceeding targets set by the council. 
  • Barnsley’s visitor economy has performed strongly with 770,000 visitors to Barnsley museums - contributing £17 million to the local economy. 
  • The number of young people entering the youth justice system for the first time continues to decrease – significantly lower than national counterparts. 
  • 4,441 anti-social behaviour incidents were recorded between April and December – the lowest in the south Yorkshire region. 
  • Despite volunteering opportunities reducing due to the pandemic, the dedication of existing volunteers has resulted in £143,200 cashable volunteer hours undertaken in quarter three. 

Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “It’s really heartening to see that despite the challenges we faceour latest performance report really reflects our ongoing commitment to achieving our priorities and showcases some fantastic progress made in the most challenging and unprecedented of times – with 67% of our 12 outcomes performing in line with, or exceeding our target for this point in the year. 

I was delighted to see that despite the impact of ever-changing restrictions on our environmental and transport services, our excellent recovery and renewal planning has seen our performance flourish - with 98% of category one potholes repaired on time and fly-tipping incidences cleared within 5 days despite the numbers increasing.  

“I was also really pleased to see our ambitions for a greener, cleaner borough start to take shape with the replacement of 41.7% of our diesel vehicles with electric vehicles by the end of December 2020 – not to mention the electric vehicle chargers installed as part of our zero-carbon ambitions. 

Equally important, the report highlights those areas requiring further work or planning. It’s inevitable that the challenges we’ve faced over the last 10 months will impact some of our outcomes. We’ve seen the number of new volunteers recruited reduce, the footfall to the town centre decrease – all impacted by the pandemic. We will continue to focus on those areas identified as requiring more attention. 

In line with the progress being made, be rest assured that we’re continuing to do all we can to get our communities and businesses through this and come back brighter, better and stronger.” 

The full performance report can be read here. 

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