Barnsley welcomes new Mayor for 2017/2018

Cllr Jeff Ennis has formally been elected as the Mayor of Barnsley for 2017/2018 during the annual council meeting held at Barnsley Town Hall this evening.

The retiring Mayor Cllr Linda Burgess was thanked for her service and presented with a replica medallion.

As the new Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Ennis announced his Mayoral theme: “The theme for my Mayoral year is families first. My family is very important to me. They have been with me throughout especially during my time as a councillor, Leader of the Council, Member of Parliament and now as Mayor of Barnsley. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use the role of Mayor to focus on family, whether it’s the single parent family or the broad family of an organisation.”

Mayor’s charities

The new Mayor and Mayoress, Mrs Margaret Ennis, have chosen to raise funds for two charities:
◾Barnsley Riding for the Disabled
◾Cure Myeloma Appeal

Barnsley Riding for the Disabled

Barnsley Riding for the Disabled was originally formed in 1979 and ran its services from a variety of commercial riding stables. It was quickly apparent that it needed its own stables which opened in June 1984.

The outdoor riding facility was renewed and extended in 2006, and its next development plan is for a purpose built indoor riding school, so the Mayor and Mayoress hope to raise funds towards this project.

Cure Myeloma Appeal

The Cure Myeloma Appeal is led by Dr Andrew Chantry, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Haematologist with the Sheffield Myeloma Research Team. The Mayor is supporting this appeal as his brother-in-law, the Mayoress’ brother, is receiving treatment for the condition.

Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells that are found in your bone marrow and make up your immune system. Recent research by Dr Chantry and his team at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has demonstrated incredible results. To continue this research over the next three years £90,000 is needed, £55,000 has already been raised, and the Mayor and Mayoress will do all they can to support the appeal.

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