Barnsley's new Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy (2022-25)

Cabinet members will discuss at their next meeting, on Wednesday 17 August, the new Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy for 2022-25.

The strategy describes the support available for care-experienced young people and young people leaving care, and our ambitions to help them achieve their potential in Barnsley.

The expectations have been co-produced with young people, and once approved, we'll work with them on an action plan. This will help us drive work forward and track what we're doing and what we need to do more of. It's important that the action plan is drafted and led by children and young people and what will work best for them.

The document, which we'll produce as an interactive webpage, sets out expectations for children in care and leaving care:

  • We will look after you in a safe and caring home
  • We will promote, support, and respect your identity
  • We will make sure you get a good education
  • We will support you to be healthy
  • We will prepare you for the future
  • We will involve you in making it happen

Councillor Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children's Services, said: "We want Barnsley to be the place of possibilities for children in care and care leavers. Our borough is a place that fosters and grows ambition, enabling everyone to be the best they can be. This strategy outlines our commitment to giving children and young people the best possible care, stability, a successful transition to adulthood, and the tools to achieve their potential."

You can read the Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy 2022-25 on the council website.

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