Be a Barnsley superstar and help take care of your community

Barnsley residents are being encouraged to help to control coronavirus by reducing the rate of infection. Everybody can help to protect Barnsley by staying alert and adhering to the latest government guidance.  

The people of Barnsley can care for the borough by: 

  • wearing a face covering when in shops, on public transport and in closed, public environments 
  • regular hand washing 
  • continuing to follow the rules on social distancing and keeping two meters away from others 
  • staying at home as much as possible
  • working from home if possible 
  • self-isolating if anyone in the household has symptoms. 

Message from Julia Burrows, Director of Public Health, Barnsley: 

I welcome the Government’s announcement on the use of face coverings. As the Director of Public Health for Barnsley, I want to strongly encourage people to wear face coverings when in enclosed public spaces. If enough of us do it, I believe it will give additional protection to our residents. However, people must understand that wearing a face covering will not make them invincible.   

It’s now more important than ever that we follow the public health guidance around good hygiene and social distancing. Regular handwashing remains the most effective thing people can do to protect themselves. If people have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) (cough and/or high temperature), then the whole household must still self-isolate at home; wearing a face covering does not change this.  

If people can, they should wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is more difficult, and where they will come into contact with people from outside of the household, for example on public transport or in shops.  While the scientific evidence we have is finely balanced on whether wearing a face covering protects the wearer, there’s stronger evidence to suggest that wearing face coverings can protect others. This is really important when we consider that people can be infectious before they have any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

Making and wearing homemade face coverings 

To make sure that people have access to face coverings, we’re sharing simple videos on how to make a face covering using materials in the home and without sewing. Click here to see our tutorial to make a tie face covering here or a handy way to use hair ties in this tutorial here

It’s important to use face coverings properly and wash hands before putting them on and taking them off. For face coverings to be successful, people must use them safely, washing them frequently between uses. 

Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of two or people who may find it difficult to take them off quickly. 

Working together to protect Barnsley 
We want to help people to get a face covering for them and their families. We want to provide existing community networks with support to build on their production of face coverings, and we’re looking at how we can do this.  

If you’re a business, community group or someone who can sew, and you can help support the production of face coverings we would like to hear from you. Complete the form here:  

Homemade face coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Homemade face coverings are okay use when people are in enclosed spaces where social distancing is more difficult, and where they will come into contact with people from outside of the household, for example on public transport or in shops. 

Face coverings should not replace PPE in health and social care setting and other front-line roles where people need to wear PPE to stay safe while helping others. 

Show us your face coverings 
Wear your homemade face covering with pride and show us how you’re protecting your community by sharing your photos with us on social media using #BarnsleySpirit. 

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