Berneslai Homes Contract Renewal and Strategic Plan 2021-31

Plans to renew the council’s contract with Berneslai Homes will be presented for Cabinet’s consideration at their next meeting on Wednesday 23 September.  

The current contract expires on 31 March 2021, with the council being required to give Berneslai Homes six-months' notice of its intentions to renew. 

 The conditions set out in the pre-agreed automatic renewal mechanism cover four key aspects of Berneslai Homes’ performance that must be maintained for the contract to be extended. These cover service delivery, governance arrangements, management and organisational efficiencies. 

 Over the last five years, Berneslai Homes has continued to deliver a value for money service with high-performance and customer satisfaction. Recent reviews of governance arrangements and proposed changes to the Berneslai Homes Board will seek to further strengthen the performance of the organisation and its abilities to assist the council in delivering our housing management and maintenance services alongside wider strategic objectives as part of Barnsley 2030. Berneslai Homes has responded extremely well to the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining key services and functions throughout and assisting tenants.  

 Subject to cabinet approval to renew this contract beyond March 2021, Berneslai Homes are required to produce a new Strategic Plan to cover the extended contract period (2021/31). The ten-year delivery strategy sets out the vision of the organisation, and its objectives in the longer term, which will be developed with key stakeholders including the council, tenants and the Berneslai Homes Board.  

The plan focuses on the initial period to April 2022, with key objectives focused around: 

  • Creating employment and training opportunities for tenants and their families.
  • Developing and implementing the approach to the zero-carbon agenda, retrofitting homes, developing employment opportunities and reducing fuel poverty.
  • Seizing opportunities to grow as an organisation and sustain levels of social housing in Barnsley. 
  • Working with tenants to embrace the outcomes of the Social Housing White paper (Autumn 2020) and the Hackitt Review on Fire Safety. 
  • Working with the council to develop digital inclusion throughout the borough.

As the Barnsley 2030 vision develops, the annual renewal of the plan will allow more detail on the Berneslai Homes vision. The new plan aligns objectives to the Barnsley Priorities, including a focus on health and wellbeing, business and the economy, community resilience, education and skills, as well as infrastructure and the environment.  

To find more information about the report, view the cabinet report on Barnsley Council’s website.  

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