Better Lives Barnsley - there's no such thing as can't do thanks to Shared Lives

Our Shared Lives scheme offers highly flexible, family-based support to help local people continue living well as part of their community.

We carefully select carers who open up their homes to someone who needs extra support, helping them develop skills and confidence in a stable, supportive environment.

Our Shared Lives carers and their families create welcoming spaces that truly change lives for Barnsley people, such as Jodie.

Jodie came to Shared Lives in 2015 while she was still studying, needing support to be part of her community due to her learning disabilities. She struggled with change, but carers worked with her to get involved with activities and spend time with others.

In September 2019, Jodie moved in with her Shared Lives carers Tracey and Phil, something she wanted so she could be with her friends, who they helped to look after.

Jodie still spends a lot of time with her family, who have seen her grow in confidence thanks to the support offered by Shared Lives. With Tracey and Phil’s help, Jodie continued living well during Covid-19, which saw her locked down for long periods due to her conditions.

She stayed active riding her bike, enjoyed the outdoors while walking the dogs and explored her love of baking, making some fantastic creations.

Over the past few years, Tracey and Phil have helped Jodie grow in confidence and self-esteem. She’s now willing to try new things and believes there’s no such thing as can’t do.

Jodie is a perfect advert for Shared Lives carers truly changing lives in Barnsley.

With Tracey and Phil’s help, she is now working with our Supported Employment team, who are getting her all the help she needs to succeed in the workplace.

Away from their support, she will soon be starting a job in the town centre, something which would not have been possible when she first joined Shared Lives.

Jodie’s family feel Tracey and Phil have made a really positive impact in their lives – ‘they’ve become extended family, couldn’t do without them’.

This is just one of the great stories we have from our Shared Lives carers. Learn more about the scheme, including how you can become a carer or access our support, by visiting our Shared Lives webpage.

Written by our Shared Lives team, find out more about how our Adult Social Care teams are working together to help you continue living happy, healthy lives on our Better Lives webpage.

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