Blue bin (cardboard and paper) collections to begin again

We’ve been working hard to re-establish our blue bin recycling service collections and are pleased to announce that it will be operating again from Tuesday, 7 April.

This is thanks to a number of staff returning to work, as like many other organisations we lost many staff members due to self-isolation, shielding and those in high risk categories.

We have also retrained existing council staff to add to the Waste Services Team resources.

We ask residents to please be patient as the team emptying bins may not be the regular crew and know the area. Some teams are currently working from maps.

Any streets that are missed are added to the daily alerts page on the council website. People who cannot find details for their street there can report individual missed bins online.

We recognise that as we are in a swiftly changing set of circumstances, collection schedules may be subject to change again in the future as the collection of grey and brown bins will always take priority, but we will try our best to maintain blue bin collections and update any changes via the alerts page.

We thank Barnsley residents for their understanding during this time and shown for our teams who have been out working hard to give the best service they can, in very challenging circumstances. We greatly appreciate the messages we have received via social media and the posters people have put on their bins.

We urge people to keep on recycling – there’s plenty of top tips via our #EverybodyThink campaign.

For more information and to keep up to date with collections, please visit

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