Cabinet approves annual report for Care4Us Council

Barnsley Council’s cabinet members have approved the latest annual report of the Care4Us Council. The accompanying video, made by the Care4Us Council, provides an insight into the views of children in care and care leavers and how they have overcome challenges and helped to make a difference, with the support of the council.

The Care4Us Council regularly meet to have their say on issues that affect their lives. The annual report sets out some of its achievements throughout the last year, from improving their wellbeing to making a successful transition into adulthood. This includes:

  • Hosting the regional Children in Care convention at the town hall where local authorities compared and reviewed their care leaver support offer
  • Participating in the annual Takeover Challenge which saw 24 young people gain experience of a workplace
  • Producing the Change in Language video to encourage professionals to think about the language they use when speaking to young people in care

The report also sets out some of the priorities and objectives of the Care4Us Council as part of its development plans during 2020/21. 

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “One of the priority actions within our Children and Young People’s Plan is to engage with our young people, particularly among disadvantaged groups. The Care4Us Council has played a valuable role in providing a voice to children in care. Thanks to this group, we’ve been able to improve services for all children in care in Barnsley.

“Whether it’s providing young people in care with apprenticeship opportunities or offering an exemption from council tax to care leavers until they’re 25 years old, it’s this level of support that has made a difference to many young lives and given them the confidence to build on their strengths.”

Find out more about the Cabinet report and annual report here.

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