Cabinet approves the draft Carlton Masterplan

Cabinet has approved the proposed draft Masterplan Framework for Carlton. 

Our Local Plan was adopted on 3 January 2019 and allocated land for the development of two mixed-use sites:

  • MU2 - land between Fish Dam Lane and Carlton Road
  • MU3 - land off Shaw Lane, Carlton

The masterplan will provide high-quality housing within a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environment linking to the surrounding outdoor spaces such as Carlton Marsh Nature Reserve, the Trans Pennine Trail and the National Cycle Network.

A community consultation exercise was held to gather views on the draft Carlton Masterplan Framework from Wednesday 16 June to Wednesday 28 July 2021 and led to the following key changes:

  • 1,500 new homes rather than 2000 initially proposed.
  • Relocated community garden and green space to be closer to existing community.
  • Full retention and enhancement of Wharncliffe Woodmoor green space, recognising this key community asset.
  • Relocated railway station to better serve existing communities.

The final version of the Masterplan Framework will now be presented to Full Council for adoption on Thursday, 25 November.

Overall, this will deliver: 

  • The revised 1,500 new homes, a small local shop, and a community garden.
  • Proposals for a 210-pupil expansion to Carlton Primary Academy. 
  • Opportunity for future business expansion in the area.
  • Wharncliffe Woodmoor will be a key community green space central to the masterplan with green corridors through the site, connecting to Carlton Marsh. 
  • The design team will be working with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to identify opportunities to further enhance the biodiversity value of Wharncliffe Woodmoor.
  • The masterplan also requires a 10% net gain to biodiversity.
  • The site also provides renewable energy opportunities.

In delivering a 10% net-gain in biodiversity, a calculation tool is used from Natural England called the Biodiversity Metric to measure this. In basic terms, this means there should be 10% more biodiversity following development than there was previously. This will be achieved through the plans to improve existing vegetation - providing new hedgerows, ponds, and creating new green spaces.

The Government has outlined that we must provide 21,524 new homes by 2033. The development will bring forward much-needed housing for our residents. Our borough will have sustainable, quality housing, so you can live in the right house for you. In terms of energy efficiency, plans will include smart technology such as energy-efficient building fabric and low-energy heating systems to help drive down carbon emissions.

As part of a separate project, plans for a new rail station to reopen the freight line for passengers between Wakefield and Barnsley are being explored.

There are also wider strategic transport ambitions for a Carlton, Royston relief road that will reduce the impact of the development on local communities, providing better connectivity to the site.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: "Like all Planning Authorities, we have a difficult task in making sure we provide enough homes to meet targets imposed by national Government, while at the same time protecting important features within sites such as those at Carlton. 

"The Carlton Masterplan Framework will help deliver a sustainable, high-quality development with the proper infrastructure to make sure it integrates with our existing communities. 

"The framework will help to establish and enhance wildlife corridors as well as the Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Network to connect the site from north to south. It also recognises the need for additional school places and that highway improvements are needed, as well as providing the opportunity for significant jobs growth and business expansion in the future. 

"Without a framework in place, developers and landowners could bring forward planning applications to develop their own sites without properly considering the overall infrastructure requirements.

"The masterplan has been amended significantly following the public consultation and constructive input from local community groups and residents. These amendments demonstrate our commitment to listen to and implement the wishes of residents and community groups where it is warranted, and we are able to do so." 

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