Cabinet members approve a long-term strategic vision for Royston with help from Principal Towns

Barnsley Council's cabinet members have given their approval for the long-term strategic vision for Royston.

Members of the community had their say on the plans to direct the improvements that could be made in the local area. The focus on creating more and better jobs is a key element of the plans, with new workplaces for businesses to branch out increasing jobs in the local area.

Another focus point is developing much-loved open spaces as part of the town's identity and heritage. Plans to secure the future of Rabbit Ings will help to protect the area for future generations.

The report includes aims to lever £600k European Structural and Investment Funding to support the scheme.

The improvements will attract additional funding, carrying the works and ambitions further than the Principal Towns scheme and well into the future, benefiting residents, visitors and businesses through the development of the local economy.

Through consultations with elected members, local community groups, businesses, the Ward Alliance, Town Council and members of the public, local-level projects have been identified for funding allocations.

To develop the feedback from the community, Arcadis carried out a master planning exercise in June 2018 to be delivered up to the end of March 2021 which has informed the vision, highlighting potential opportunities to make improvements.

The proposed improvements will be kick-started with Principal Towns funding, with additional schemes and opportunities being developed to pave the way for future long-term suggestions.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Regeneration and Culture), said: "Investing in Royston presents a great opportunity to develop the assets and community spirit in the town to make it a better place to live, work, invest and visit."

"A focus on developing the local economy will allow the community to continue to thrive with great pride in what the local area has to offer. Building on the vibrancy in the region will increase footfall, reduce anti-social behaviour and enable people to shop local while attracting jobs and investment the town deserves."

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