Cabinet members will decide on the long-term strategic vision for Cudworth with help from Principal Towns

Barnsley Council's cabinet members will be asked to approve the long-term strategic vision for Cudworth on Wednesday 18 September.

Members of the community had their say on the plans to direct the improvements that could be made in the area. The focus of activities will set out to improve the local economy, improve green and public spaces, and to enhance the viability of the high street. 

A key focus of the report is to improve the existing car parks on the high-street to reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour. It is also proposed that the wide verges on Bow Street should be transformed with formal parking bays to improve the look and usage of the area.

The land of the former toilet block site has previously been identified as an area that would benefit from attention. Producing a safe and low maintenance site has become a priority as it will enhance the visitor’s experience and prevent anti-social behaviour. As well as this, Barnsley Road has been identified as an opportunity to develop the approach corridor for a better sense of arrival into the town.

There are opportunities for an improved experience for visitors to enjoy all that Cudworth has to offer. The gateway, just after the roundabout on Pontefract Road is highlighted as an ideal space for new signage to giving a welcoming identity. 

The improvements will attract additional funding, carrying the works and ambitions further than the Principal Towns scheme and well into the future, benefiting residents, visitors and businesses through the development of the local economy.

Through consultations with elected members, local community groups, businesses, the Ward Alliance, Town Council and members of the public, local-level projects have been identified for funding allocations.

To develop the feedback from the community, Arcadis carried out a master planning exercise in June 2018 to be delivered up to the end of March 2021 which has informed the vision, highlighting potential opportunities.

The proposed improvements will be kick-started with Principal Towns funding, with additional schemes and opportunities being developed to pave the way for future long-term suggestions.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Regeneration and Culture), said: "We're pleased to be submitting Principal Towns funding to invest in Cudworth. The town already has a vibrant high street, with people, groups and business who are actively involved in promoting the area. The investment will mean that we can deliver improved services, build on a robust identity and benefits for the wider community."

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