Cabinet notes Overview and Scrutiny Committee's 2020/21 work programme

Cabinet has noted the 2020/21 work programme for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and its three Task and Finish Groups at today's meeting.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Task and Finish groups are responsible for holding the council and its partners to account and reviewing the performance of services and whether they are delivering the intended outcomes or not.

Following a previous review, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee consists of 34 Councillors, plus a Parent Governor Co-optee, and will meet formally 12 times a year.

Throughout the next 12 months, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will consider the impact of COVID-19 on a number of key areas such as: safeguarding vulnerable people; jobs, skills and employment; education outcomes; homelessness; and how health and care services are working together.

The three Task and Finish groups will meet on an ad-hoc basis over the coming months and will focus on: children’s mental health (early intervention and prevention); child poverty; and the future plans of the council including COVID-19 recovery. For details of the full work programme, click here.

The schedules are subject to change should any urgent issues arise, particularly given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillor Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “It is important that the Scrutiny work programme is developed to allow for effective reviews of local services to help improve outcomes for our communities and make sure value for money is delivered.

“We haven’t let the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stop us from running council meetings. We postponed two Overview and Scrutiny meetings during the early stages of the pandemic but made the necessary changes to allow us to continue to hold the meetings virtually and make sure the council's decision-making processes were still running.

“Given that the pandemic remains ongoing and continues to have a profound impact on our communities and services, the need for sound and effective decision making is critical and Overview and Scrutiny plays an important part in reviewing this.”

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