Cabinet recommends adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents

Barnsley Council’s Cabinet members have today considered approval of new Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and Planning Advice Notes (PAN). The report which refers to 18 of the recently consulted documents for adoption will now go to Full Council on 23 May 2019.

Following adoption of the Local Plan on 3 January 2019, a suite of updated and new SPD’s/ PAN’s have been prepared. These documents have been written to sit alongside the plan and provide advice and guidance on specific issues. Each document also includes detail on how Local Plan policies will be applied to planning applications.

Consultation on 20 documents took place over four weeks between Monday 4 March and Monday 1 April 2019. The consultation received 111 comments from 38 individual respondents. A breakdown on how many comments were made on each draft and summary of main points raised can be found in appendix one of the report. This appendix also highlights any key points that have been amended in response to comments.

Four of the 20 documents consulted on sought to request developer contributions through Section 106 agreements. Through the consultation, these four documents received comments raising concerns about their effect on the viability of sites and impact on delivery. In anticipation of this, the council has commissioned updated viability evidence work to look at the impact of the proposed contributions. The updated viability work concludes that the requirements are not considered to undermine the viability of the Local Plan. Viability is still likely to be considered on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances of the proposed scheme.

The full report is available to read as a background paper to the Cabinet report.

Of the 20 documents that were the subject of public consultation, the Cabinet report seeks authority to adopt 18 of them. Further consideration is being given to comments on the Sustainable Travel SPD. As the Planning Obligations SPD makes reference to the Sustainable Travel SPD, this will also be taken forward at a later date. A further report dealing with these two SPD’s will be submitted to Cabinet in due course.

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director of Place, said: “The new documents will play a big part in how we make decisions on planning applications. They provide further details on how we apply policies and give more information on what will and won’t be accepted in a planning application.

“We want to thank everybody who's taken time to participate in the consultation and look forward to working together with residents and businesses to make Barnsley a better place to live, work, invest and visit.

“We'll be creating and reviewing additional guidance documents throughout 2019. These documents will provide further clarity on how the policies in the Local Plan are interpreted. They will include issues such as Sustainable Urban Drainage and Air Quality Guidance. Any new draft SPD’s will be open to public consultation and provide more opportunities for everyone to get involved and have their say.”

The full Cabinet report can be read here.

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