Cabinet to approve new specialist stop smoking service model

Cabinet members will be asked to approve a business case and options for the proposed model for a new specialist stop smoking service contract. The current contract, held by SWYFT, is due to end on Thursday 31 October. 

As one of the leading causes of preventable illness and early death, research shows that people who get the right support are up to four times as likely to quit successfully. The most effective approach to supporting people to #LiveIt and stop smoking is specialist services that the new contract will set out to provide.

Despite the decline in smoking rates in previous years, Barnsley still has one of the highest rates of adult smoking in the country at around one in six or 18.2%.

The future contract will set out to focus on smokers on low income, providing support for those dealing with smoking-related illness, and pregnant women and those with mental health problems, which will work alongside other services to deliver a smoke-free Barnsley.

If approved, the new service will offer support to people who want to quit by providing online services, recommended quitting aids, as well as community and family support.

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Communities, said: “The proposed service model is a step towards continued improvement of our offer to residents to help them quit smoking. Barnsley Council continues to support the Breathe 2025 campaign. We’re committed to supporting those who smoke and want to quit, making smoking invisible to inspire a smoke-free generation.”

This news is linked to Town Spirit, our new way of working better together. We believe, that if everyone in Barnsley does just one thing, we can make our borough a more welcoming place to live, work, invest and visit.

We’re committed to #ImagineIt by working to make Barnsley a place where people can see a brighter future for themselves and their families. #OwnIt by accessing services that could support you.

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