Cabinet will be asked to approve the expansion of our National Graduate Development Programme

Next week, a report to increase the number of National Management Trainees (NMTs) in the council’s National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP) will be presented to our Cabinet for approval.

The NGPD is the Local Government Association’s flagship national graduate programme, which attracts new talent to local government. It offers a unique opportunity to place high-quality graduates in councils, helping to meet strategic goals, fast-track their careers in local government and to build a pipeline of future talent. 

The proposed recommendations will see an increase to three new NMT places every year as a rolling programme, beginning with this year’s September cohort.

So far, we have been able to support two successful graduate programme cohorts since 2019. These cohorts have been involved in projects across our services, helping us to achieve excellent outcomes for our residents and all six trainees have since successfully secured permanent employment within our services.

One of those successful graduate trainees is Hannah Tower who shared with us one of her proudest achievements from the programme. Hannah said this was “running a town centre consultation. I was leading my own team of colleagues from across the council. I realised that working for a council is a really meaningful place to work.” Find out more about Hannah’s inspiring journey through the NGDP programme in her case study.

Cllr Robin Franklin, cabinet spokesperson for Core services, said: “The programme has proven a huge success in Barnsley so far. We’ve been able to provide opportunities for graduates to develop their careers following university, and in return, we’ve received an incredible variety of talent and knowledge that has benefited our communities.  

“We are committed to providing opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential and progress in their careers, and this programme is just one of the ways we are able to support this commitment.

“I’m delighted that all six of our graduate trainees have so far gone on to progress into roles in our services, helping to maintain our high-quality workforce and continue providing excellent outcomes for the council.”

The report will be recommended to Cabinet for approval on Wednesday 31 May.

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