"Call in notice” received for next stages of the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction road improvement scheme

Barnsley Council has received a “Call in” notice regarding the Cabinet’s decision to approve the main works contract, and revised costs, for the next stages of the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction road improvement scheme to address congestion between M1 Junction 37 and the town centre.

This is a formal procedure under the Council’s Constitution which allows councillors who are not members of the Cabinet to call for a review of a Cabinet decision and ask for it to be reconsidered.

The decision of the Cabinet cannot be implemented until the matter has been the subject of further consideration by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Councillors Fielding, Lodge, Kitching, Hunt and Greenhough have called for a review of the decision.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair has agreed to hold a special meeting of the full committee which has been arranged for Monday 26 October at 10am.

At this meeting members who have made the request will have the opportunity to give evidence on why their alternative proposal should be adopted. The relevant Cabinet Spokesperson, Executive Director, and Service Director will also be invited to give evidence, together with any other witnesses considered relevant by the Chair.

If the Scrutiny Committee supports Cabinet's original decision, then that decision stands and can be implemented from the date of the Scrutiny Committee meeting.

If the Scrutiny Committee supports the request of the councillors who called it in, it can either refer the matter back to Cabinet with a recommendation for an alternative solution; or refer the matter to the Full Council for debate at its next available meeting, which may agree to refer the matter back to Cabinet for reconsideration.

Until the matter has been resolved, the Cabinet decision from Wednesday 07 October has been put on hold.

Read the full Barnsley Council statement here 

*The meeting will be webcast live on the day and will be available for the public and press to view.

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