Cannon Hall’s £3 million transformation begins

Work on Cannon Hall’s three million pound transformation of the outside space is underway.

Contractor, Ebsford Environmental, is carefully desilting the parks historical Georgian lakes to further improve the water quality and local biodiversity. Low impact machinery is being used to sensitively remove the build-up of silt from the watercourse, while protecting the historical features of the park.

The Parks for People project, which has been made possible by the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund, will see key features of the parkland such as buildings, lakes and pathways restored to their former glory. Restorations of these areas will allow them to be explored and used in different ways, improving the visitor experience and offering a further glimpse into Cannon Hall’s fascinating history.

The first stages of work started earlier this year and involved clearance of selected vegetation. This has opened up views to the lakes and helped focus planting on the original Georgian scheme.

Visitors to the top Yorkshire attraction will see work being conducted in the grounds at various stages of the project; however, the Hall, park and gardens will remain open throughout the work.

The team at Cannon Hall who can regularly be found in the park and gardens welcome any questions about the project and the many volunteering opportunities and events scheduled for the coming months.

Whether visitors are looking for an opportunity to get involved with the project, meet new people, share knowledge, learn new things or just get outside for a bit of fresh air - there are lots of opportunities to get involved. They are encouraged to come along and join the team for gardening, landscape management, history, archaeology, biodiversity, and art activities for all the family.

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place said: “It’s an exciting time for Cannon Hall.  The transformation of the park and gardens will have a massive impact on our visitor’s experience, offering lots of new things to see and do.  Already one of Yorkshire’s top tourist attractions, the project will see Cannon Hall become even more of a must-visit destination.”

Nick Hartley, Managing Director Ebsford Environmental said: “Cannon Hall and the surrounding area are and always have been a Yorkshire institution. I began visiting as a child and it’s also become one of the go-to weekend or holiday destinations now I have a family of my own.

“Personally and as a business, we have followed the ambitious HLF bid with significant interest and were delighted when we found out it had been approved. That delight was obviously heightened when we were able to secure the water restoration project, even more so as we’ve been able to do it while respecting the overarching aims of the project and delivering another scheme that focuses on environmental enhancements and sediment retention.  It represents a real step forward for Ebsford, and I have no doubt that this will be a legacy project that we are proud of. I can’t wait to bring my grandchildren here and say “we did this”. 

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