Celebrating Barnsley’s new breastfeeding peer supporters – thank you!

A group of local women from Barnsley have been congratulated and given a great big thank you by Barnsley Council’s Infant Feeding Service, following the successful completion of a dedicated breastfeeding peer support training programme - enabling them to support breastfeeding families across Barnsley.

Through successful completion of the course - which involved the women volunteering their time over an eight week period, they are now able to provide an invaluable network of peer-to-peer support to pregnant and breastfeeding families. The women can also help to promote, protect and normalise breastfeeding within Barnsley’s communities. 

Putting their expertise to use, the women will now go on to volunteer for the Infant Feeding Service at the many breastfeeding groups held across the borough, as well as the Maternity Unit at Barnsley Hospital. Based on service user feedback via the Barnsley Maternity Voices partnership, this will be particularly appreciated at weekends and in the evenings.

The training course covered a wide range of areas - including awareness of the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative, Milk Marketing Code, how milk is made and perceptions around breastfeeding. They also developed their own awareness by sharing their experiences with each other.

Feedback received from the women highlighted their drive to help and support other mums struggling with breastfeeding as they’ve had first-hand experience of the challenges and struggles that some new mums face and how important it is to feel supported.

Anne Amott, Infant Feeding Service team leader, said: “We’d like to say a heartfelt thankyou to these six women who volunteered their time to undertake our training course and will go onto to offer valuable support to our breastfeeding families.

“Many new mums and babies struggle to get going with breastfeeding but in many cases, all they just need is that little bit of support, time and reassurance. So providing this support – particularly from women who have first-hand experience, could make all the difference whether a new mum stops or keeps going. We want to help our next generations get the best start in life and our peer supporters will go a long way in helping us achieve this.”

For further information about the breastfeeding peer support training programme delivered by the Infant Feeding Service, visit the Infant Feeding service  Facebook page or call 01226 775700.

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