Changes to parking in the town centre due to closure of multi-storey car park

The multi-storey car park will close on Sunday 29 July to allow preparatory work to begin so that it can be demolished. The car park is being demolished in early 2019 to facilitate the next phase of the £130m town centre redevelopment and these changes will remain in place until a new, modern multi-storey car park opens as part of The Glass Works.

Details of the changes are outlined below:

More free weekend parking in the town centre this August

More free Saturday parking will be added in the town centre from Saturday 4 August, with free weekend parking being made available at 11 additional sites across the town centre - limiting the impact of the closure of the multi-storey car park.

Free weekend parking from Saturday 4 August

Our aim is to provide sufficient, safe parking and to maintain footfall during the redevelopment. In addition to the 11 extra sites, changes are being introduced to create short stay and long stay parking and weekend parking will remain free for everyone. The changes will prioritise the most convenient spaces for shoppers and visitors and make sure there are enough spaces available for town centre workers, market traders, football fans and anyone else who needs to stay longer.

Short stay

The closest spaces to the shops will be limited to three hours free parking with no option to extend the stay – this is to make sure that the most convenient spaces are available for shoppers when they need them and encourage those that need to stay longer to use previously underutilised car parks. To park in a short stay car park you must obtain a free ticket from the ticket machine and display it clearly in your car, this is to that make sure users keep to the three-hour limit.

Long stay

Spaces a little further away will be free to use all day. As before, a yellow bag will be placed over the machine to let people know that they can park for free all day. The maximum stay of 24 hours will remain in place.

Courthouse car park

As the Courthouse car park is so big it will include both long and short stay spaces. Don’t worry though, the short stay spaces will be clearly signposted, while short stay car parking spaces in the lower car park will be marked in red.

Parking is free at the weekend but during the week we offer a number of ways to pay for parking. If you don’t have cash don’t worry, as a number of our machines offer a chip and pin service and you can also use Ringo to pay by phone or the app. Please check signs and machines for the available options.

 Free short stay car parks from Saturday 4 August – three-hour limit:

  • Graham's Orchard car park
  • John Street car park
  • Wellington House car park
  • Market Gate car park
  • Part of Courthouse upper car park
  • Part of Courthouse lower car park

 Free long stay car from Saturday 4 August:

  • Churchfields car park
  • Pitt Street car park
  • Burleigh Street East car park
  • Burleigh Street West car park
  • Sackville Street car park
  • St. Mary's Place car park
  • Part of Courthouse upper car park
  • Part of Courthouse lower car park
  • Burleigh Street – on street
  • Thomas Street – on street
  • Pitt Street West – on street
  • York Street – on street
  • Westgate – on street
  • Churchfields – on street
  • St Mary’s Gate – on street
  • Eastgate – on street
  • Falcon Street – on street
  • Sackville Street – on street

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