Children’s Joint Commissioning Strategy (2021-23) to be presented to Cabinet

Cabinet members will be asked to approve the Children’s Joint Commissioning Strategy (2021-23) at their next meeting on Wednesday 14 July. 

The new strategy sets out the further strengthened arrangements for the joint commissioning of children’s education, health and social care, which will help improve outcomes for all children. It highlights that working together and coordinated planning, commissioning and delivery for children, young people and families should drive services in Barnsley and make a positive difference.  

We completed a joint review of Children and Young People’s (CYP) Joint Commissioning in January 2021. The review explored current arrangements, existing good practice and areas for improvement for CYP outcomes across the Children and Young People’s Trust. 

The Trust is a partnership including the NHS, schools and the Barnsley Schools Alliance, the Police, Healthwatch Barnsley and the council, and has arrangements to allow joint commissioning between us and Barnsley CCG. We have used the review to inform this strategy, alongside the intelligence recently gathered when producing our SEND Strategies. 

The Children’s Joint Commissioning Strategy (2021-23) will focus on: 

  • Understanding what’s happening in children’s education, health and social care in Barnsley;   
  • Planning and setting up services well, working with our communities; 
  • Regularly reviewing if services are working and looking at best practice;  
  • Looking at whether commissioned services are achieving outcomes, and having a framework to manage the services’ performance;  
  • Getting children and young people off to a good start, with services to help with prevention and early intervention; 
  • The importance of personalised services which help promote choice and independence and put the child at the centre.  

Cllr Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “This report is about the Children and Young People’s Trust working together and sharing resources to better understand the needs of Barnsley children. The Trust will collectively set up services that help children achieve and live the best life they can. 

“This strategy has been developed with extensive consultation with children, young people and families, including the SEND Youth Forum, SENDIASS and the Care4Us Council. I want to thank everyone involved for contributing to it.” 

Read the full cabinet report on the Children's Joint Commissioning Strategy (2021-23)

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