Children’s social care rises to the challenge

Our children’s social care team has received fantastic feedback from their latest LGA Peer Review, from 29 February to 4 March. There were no recommendations for improvements, and the review highlighted many positives. 

Cabinet recently endorsed a programme of individual peer reviews across the council. This is an objective, peer-led assessment to provide challenge and assurance of our work. 

The positives the peer review highlighted include: 

  • Our social work is based on putting the child at the centre, building relationships and working restoratively
  • There are good quality social work interventions by staff who know their children and families well. Social workers have good relationships with both children and their families
  • There is a strong early help offer, and workers stay with families as they move into social care
  • Our partnerships with other organisations are strong
  • We are performance-driven, with good processes for checking quality and accountability
  • The thresholds into social care are appropriate, proportionate and the response is timely
  • Staff feel very positive about working in Barnsley

The LGA Peer Review Team made no recommendations for improvement. Instead, areas for consideration were offered to improve the quality of services further. The areas for consideration will be progressed as part of the Children’s Services Continuous Improvement Plan. 

Cllr Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “We are so proud of the results of this peer review and feel assured that children’s social care in Barnsley is working effectively. We want Barnsley to be a place that fosters and grows ambition, enabling everyone to be the best they can be. This review shows we’re well on our way, and we can strive to be even better for children and families in our borough.” 

For the peer review of children’s social care, assessors spoke to over 100 people. This included children and families, councillors, our Senior Management Team, front-line workers, managers and local partners. 

Cabinet members will discuss the LGA Peer Review of Children's Social Care at their next meeting on Wednesday 18 May.

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