Civic buildings in Barnsley go purple in celebration of Census 2021

Barnsley Town Hall, Barnsley College, the Glass Works and Barnsley Council offices joined more than a hundred buildings and landmarks across England and Wales by lighting up purple to celebrate Census 2021 and its importance to communities.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) organised the event to raise awareness of the census, a survey that happens every ten years and gives a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales.

Other iconic landmarks that participated included the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, BT Tower in London and Blackpool Tower, which were all lit purple, the Census 2021 brand colour, from Friday 19 March to Sunday 21 March.

The census helps inform the provision of public services throughout the UK, such as determining the appropriate number of school places and hospital beds needed to serve their communities properly.

Sarah Norman, Chief Executive of Barnsley Council, said: “We were delighted to be able to support the census campaign given its importance to us as a council in helping to plan and fund public services.

“For those who have not yet completed their census, there is still time to do so and plenty of help is available should you need it. I encourage all of our residents to complete their census as soon as possible.”

Pete Benton, ONS Director of Census Operations, added: “The census is such an important undertaking that helps inform the vital services we all rely on every single day within our communities. 

“We wanted to shine a (purple!) light on the buildings and landmarks that matter most to their local areas, highlighting the importance of the census in helping shape the communities we live in. 

“We’re thrilled with all the support we have received so far and would like to thank Barnsley Council for their participation. Now is the time for everyone to complete their census and be part of history.” 

Every household in England and Wales should have received their census letters with unique access codes enabling them to fill in their census online. Paper forms are available for those who need them, plus a range of other support. Go to for more information about the support available.

In the coming days, the census field operation will begin contacting households who have not completed their census. They will never enter a house; they will always be socially distanced, be equipped with PPE and work in line with all government guidance.

You must complete the census by law, and it is an offence to supply false information or not to complete the census; you could be fined up to £1,000.

Any personal information provided in the Census, such as your name, address or date of birth, is protected by law. Individuals cannot be identified in published statistics, and it is a crime for anyone to share your personal information.

Local support centres

We have two Census Support Centres in our borough who can assist over the phone or in person for those who can't get online or need assistance completing the census.

The first is at the ELIM Community Centre in Worsbrough and the other is at Independent Training & Education Consultants at the Business Village in Wilthorpe.

Face-to-face appointments are available but must be booked in advance; phone numbers are provided below. All Census Support Centres will follow government safety guidelines around COVID-19.

If you do not wish to have a face-to-face appointment but still need help, staff will also be able to offer remote support over the phone for people not confident online, who don't have a computer or need help completing on paper.

Help is also available on the census website

Key phone numbers:

Free national helpline for all enquiries: 0800 141 2021 

Request a paper copy of census: 0800 876 6276 

If you need information in another language: 0800 587 2021. 

ELIM Community Centre, Worsbrough: (01226) 643 249 

ITEC, Wilthorpe: (01226) 107 082 

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