Close loving relationships between parents and babies celebrated

Two new members have been welcomed to the Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme, following an event at the Cooper Gallery.

Barnsley Museums sites and Barnsley Parks Services were presented certificates to mark their membership.

Children accompanied by mums,dads and grandparents joined the event to celebrate early close loving relationships between parents and babies. They also took part in hand and foot printing, which will be used to make a piece of artwork in the future.

The Welcome Here scheme helps to signpost families to places where they are able to feed their babies in welcoming, comfortable and relaxed environments.

Any venue open to the public is invited to sign up to the Welcome Here scheme. On joining, venues receive online training which provides guidance to ensuring a welcoming environment for breastfeeding families. Venues are also listed on an online directory which signposts families to breastfeeding-friendly venues across the borough.

For more information about breastfeeding in Barnsley visit or follow Barnsley Infant Feeding Service on Facebook.

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