Co-production at the heart of Barnsley Special Educational Needs Strategy

Cabinet Members will be presented with our new, updated draft Borough SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Strategy when they meet on Wednesday 30 November.

The draft strategy sets out our values, guiding principles and priorities for improving the range of outcomes for children and young people with SEND that can be some of our most vulnerable.

 The strategy details how services across education, health and care come together so that most children attend a local school that meets their needs effectively and it also details our plans to ensure that there are sufficient specialist education places for children and young people, and for these to be within the Barnsley borough, wherever possible. 

The third element of the strategy is the borough’s overarching Accessibility Strategy which provides the principal framework for settings and schools.

The strategy has been in development for over a year as it was important to us that it was co-produced with young people and families and that we accurately reflected what they wanted to see in the strategy and how, as services, we come together around children, young people and families, settings and schools to make a positive difference.

The strategy will steer the work of partners across education, health and care and be implemented through the SEND Improvement Programme.

It sets out the impact we want to see leading to positive outcomes for children and young people with SEND and Cabinet will continue to receive quarterly performance and finance reports in order to monitor and oversee progress.

Cllr Trevor Cave, Cabinet spokesperson for children's services, said: 

“We want this strategy to reflect what things mean in real life to the children, young people, parents, and carers, who use our services. 

“In developing this strategy, we have looked at what is important to children and young people and what they want to do in their lives now, and in the future. 

“We also looked at how children, young people, and their families want services to work with them, from the review and design stage into the services they have access to for support.

“This strategy forms a central part of the council priorities both for a Healthy Barnsley and a Learning Barnsley. These, of course are fundamental in our ambition for an inclusive Barnsley leading to future economic and social prosperity.”

Read the report in full here (item 6) along with the rest of the Cabinet agenda and papers

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