Council housing budget approved by cabinet for 2019/20

Barnsley Council Cabinet has approved the 2019/20 Housing Revenue Account (HRA) budget and HRA Medium Term Financial Strategy together with the 2019/24 Capital Investment Programme for council housing in Barnsley, at their meeting today - Wednesday 10 January. These will now go to Full Council for approval on the 7 February 2019.

Cabinet approved the recommended one per cent decrease in rent for council tenants from April 2019. Based on the Government’s rent setting policy, the final approval will be discussed at the Full Council meeting on 7 February. This reduction equates to an average saving of 87p per week for council house tenants.

The Capital Investment Programme totals £129M. The rolling five-year programme invests in the Barnsley Homes Standard, making sure housing is well maintained and meets the housing needs of residents. It also helps people to stay independent by providing equipment and adaptations to their homes where needed. The programme also includes £18M investment in housing growth over the next two years.

Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “We’re committed to providing better housing to meet existing and future needs in Barnsley. The Housing Revenue Account and Capital Investment Programme give Berneslai Homes the money to provide a high-quality service to people who live in our properties.

“We’ll continue to work with Berneslai Homes to support their service and help make Barnsley a better place for our residents and their families to live and work.”

Berneslai Homes Chief Executive Helen Jaggar adds: “We are pleased the agreed budget means that services to council housing tenants and investment in the council’s housing stock is maintained. This allows us to continue to focus on the delivery of the Council’s housing priorities and ensures we are doing the right thing for tenants.”

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