Council members will be updated on support for Barnsley Care Homes

Cabinet Members will be updated on the support offered to care homes by Barnsley Council and their partners in response to the Covid-19 crisis in Cabinet on Wednesday 24 June.

Care homes provide invaluable support to many Barnsley residents. The report confirms that very early into the Covid-19 outbreak; the council recognised the significance of getting alongside the borough’s care home market to ensure their preparedness for the pandemic.

This involved sharing an understanding of potential risks and what could be done in partnership to reduce them; ensuring that across adult social care, community health, the hospital and public health, the council and partners were doing all they could to keep residents and staff as safe as possible.

The report to members states that Barnsley care homes support over 1,800 residents across 66 homes. Many homes are occupied by elderly residents who are classed as vulnerable to Covid-19. As such, the need to wrap those homes with support is essential in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

A care home support plan has been established to ensure care homes are given the support, advice, guidance and tools they need to safely support residents through this outbreak and to ensure staff working in care homes are supported to continue their caring role.

As part of the plan, a one-off payment was swiftly made to all social care providers to assist with additional costs during the Covid-19 outbreak, including costs associated with the purchasing of additional PPE and staff absence.          

The council has additionally agreed to work with care homes to monitor their long-term financial sustainability and offer support where possible.

All care providers are being sent a fortnightly communications bulletin with updates on guidance, links to useful information and information relating to Barnsley’s Covid-19 response plan.

Cllr Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson for Communities, said: “I’m very proud of how we’ve pulled together as a caring community during this time. The care home support plan is reflective of a system-wide approach to supporting care homes. The plan was produced by Barnsley Council in conjunction with representatives from SWYPFT/Barnsley CCG/Barnsley Healthcare Federation/BHNFT, and I would like to thank them for their ongoing support.

“Understandably, care home managers and their support staff have been under a massive amount of pressure, and we have been providing them with a range of support including emotional support either over the phone, via technology or by face to face contact, where safe to do so. My thanks go to them and all the care home staff for continuing to provide great care and support to Barnsley residents.”

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