Couple found guilty of improperly breeding dogs without licence

A Barnsley couple, pleaded guilty to not having a Dog Breeders Licence when they had bred more than 4 litters in a 12 month period following an appearance at Barnsley Magistrates Court on Thursday 13 December.

Alex Jones, 36 and Aimee Jones, 29 of Dale Close Athersley South, were found to have bred more than four litters of dogs within a twelve month period and did not have the required breeding licence whilst doing so.

Previously, a licence for dog breeding was required if more than four litters were to be bred within a twelve month period. However, a legislation change in October this year has seen this requirement reduced to three litters within the twelve months.

The magistrates took the guilty plea into consideration, and the couple were each received a fine of £750.00, victim surcharge of £75 and faced costs of £1444.10. Total penalty payable by each defendant is £2269.10.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet spokesperson for Public Health, said: “This case raises awareness of the rules and regulations of breeding dogs, and the consequences you face if you fail to follow the law. I would ask everyone who runs a business involving animals to make yourselves aware of the relevant legislation. Animals and their welfare are important to us, if you have any animal welfare concerns, please report through”

For information on licences for running a business with animals, visit the Barnsley Council website for more information. 

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