Dedicated week will make safeguarding Barnsley’s business

“Prevention” will be the key theme of this year’s Safeguarding Awareness week, which will run from Monday, 9 to Friday, 13 July.

Now in its third year and following two highly successful Safeguarding Awareness Weeks, Barnsley Council will again be working with partners from health, the emergency services, the voluntary sector and others, to raise everyone’s awareness of what safeguarding means, the many situations in which it can arise and, importantly, signpost people to the organisations which can offer the right type of help and support.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 2018 will also showcase a range of free activities across Barnsley to which members of the public and safeguarding professionals will be encouraged to attend.

Barnsley Council would like as many communities, groups and individuals to benefit from the week as possible and organisations, voluntary groups and community groups across the borough are now being urged to consider how they can contribute to the success of this week. It is a great opportunity for organisations to promote and gain support for the important work they do.

Safeguarding Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the many contexts in which safeguarding issues relating to both adults and children may arise and what initial steps and follow up actions should be taken in response. This year’s week will also look at how organisations and communities can work to prevent issues occurring in the first place.

The week will be promoted on social media using the hashtag #SAW18 and details of events will be available at in due course.

Organisations wishing to get involved with the week are asked to contact Nigel Leeder, Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board Manager or Cath Erine Barnsley Safeguarding Adult Board Manager

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