Dementia in Barnsley.

Cabinet will review work done as part of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which established an investigation into Dementia in Barnsley. The research sought to better understand the extent of dementia in Barnsley and the challenges faced.

The findings have resulted in twelve recommendations. 

Each recommendation has been adopted by the appropriate service, health and care and dementia-specific groups supporting people with dementia. These recommendations are in line with the Barnsley Multi-Agency ‘Dementia and Me’ strategic plan, 2019-2024.

The recommendations have been looked at in detail and a plan has been put into place so that actions can begin or, where appropriate, existing actions are strengthened.

The recommendations look at various areas, from a healthy heart and brain linked to vascular dementia to the effects of alcohol and tobacco.

They also consider support for those living alone with dementia and carers supporting people with dementia in Barnsley.

Through our partnerships, the recommendations and plans will be looked at jointly as we continue to make sure Barnsley is a place of possibilities, where people can access the right support at the right time and place while tackling problems early.

Cllr Platts, Council spokesperson for Place health and Adults, said: “In Barnsley, we want to make sure you can get the proper care and support you need. While getting a dementia diagnosis can be daunting, what happens next and getting the support you and your family need are essential. It is good to see the work that is already taking place around dementia. Still, I’m pleased to see that where the council and our partners in the NHS, ICS, and community are seeing gaps, we have plans to work together to continue to make sure that people in Barnsley live healthy and happy lives.

You can read more about this work and 12 recommendations in the report.

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