Developments in extra care will help older people live better for longer

Cabinet members will be asked to approve a proposal to introduce a 24 hour care element within two of Barnsley’s four extra care facilities at their next meeting on Wednesday, 6 February.

This will further improve the accommodation and support offer to older people in need of care and support in the borough.

There are currently four extra care facilities located across the borough with 227 units.

All four facilities have day-time, on-site, low level support from the current housing provider, which is funded under contract by the council’s Communities directorate.

A review of extra care facilities in 2017 found that they do not reflect the fundamental principles of extra care in that there is no on-site care and support; and that current provision is unlikely to help deliver the council’s objective of reducing admissions to residential care (figures suggest an average of three to five admissions per scheme, per year).

Subject to Cabinet’s approval, the two schemes likely to be selected will be the ones with the highest number of tenants in receipt of a funded care package and an older age profile, who will benefit more quickly from the new model of care proposed.

In addition, the provision of an added care and support element in two extra care schemes rather than one will form a more attractive offer to potential providers and improve provision, particularly in enabling the flexibility for staff to operate across two schemes in managing demand.

The introduction of a care and support element within extra care will provide a valuable, further support option for older people with these type of needs and contribute to improvements in the health and wellbeing of tenants, enabling them to better participate within their communities and reduce the effects of isolation.

The report can be read in full here

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