Dog owners urged to check that boarding kennels and dog day care premises are licensed

Barnsley dog owners who are planning on entrusting their pooch to a home boarder/dog day care provider while they enjoy a holiday this summer are being urged to make sure they are a legitimate licenced business able to properly care for their pet. 

Barnsley Council’s Animal Health Service carries out approval of premises for this activity and is reminding dog owners and businesses alike that it is an offence to offer these services without a licence from the council. 

There are many reasons why dog owners need to use premises licenced for home boarding/dog day care, including:

  • Licensees are checked by Animal Health Officers to make sure they are able to provide good care for your dog,
  • guidelines followed by the council when considering a licence have been put together by DEFRA and experts in dog care,
  • licensees are required to have insurance, secure facilities, procedures for fire safety and safe socialisation with other dogs and much more,
  • licenced home boarders also need to ensure that dogs they board are appropriately vaccinated and that they have procedures for dealing with sick dogs to prevent the spread of disease,
  • home Boarding licences will cap the number of dogs which can safely be together at the property,
  • if someone is operating without a licence they may be nervous about contacting the Dog Warden Service if they lose your dog,
  • as it is an offence to operate without a licence, you may find your booking is cancelled at short notice if this is brought to the attention of the council.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “We want to protect dog owners and their pets and make sure that any boarding or daycare facilities they use are properly licensed and regulated. 

“You can ask your home boarder/dog daycare provider to produce their local authority licence under the Animal Welfare (Licencing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018. 

“The licence should show the number of home boarded dogs they can keep at the property. It will also show their star rating, although businesses trading less than 12 months will automatically have a one star rating.   

“Alternatively you can check with us, or report suspicions of illegal dog boarding by calling 01226 773743 or email  All information will be treated with confidence."

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