Employment and skills strategy aims to bring more and better jobs to Barnsley

The plan which sets out how Barnsley Council will work with its partners to provide more and better jobs has been approved at cabinet today.

The Barnsley Employment and Skills Strategy: More and Better Jobs, 2016-2020, aims to build the skills needed to support a thriving and vibrant economy which gives Barnsley employers the skills they need to grow locally, regionally and globally. It will also help to give residents the skills they need to gain and secure sustainable employment, now and in the future, to secure their future prosperity.

Councillor Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “I welcome this ambitious plan which will improve people’s skills and give them wider job and career opportunities. We need an integrated approach to deal with the things which need to change in Barnsley and to effectively address the low skills balance.”

It is one of four council strategies which also include housing, transport and jobs and business growth, that aim to make the borough a thriving and unique place to live, work, visit and trade. Together they set out an integrated plan for the economic regeneration of the borough.

Barnsley Council is already supporting the borough’s economy to grow and diversify, with progress made in the employment rate which has risen to 73.4 per cent, outperforming city region averages, and has one of the highest rates of new business formation in the country. Equally, there is progress relating to skills and employability; there is a reducing rate of adult and youth unemployment and a significant reduction in 16 to 18 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET).

However, challenges remain, and although skill levels and GCSE attainment are increasing, they remain a concern and the economy is still characterised by lower skills and lower than average workplace earnings compared to the rest of the city region.

The council’s four priorities set out in the plan for creating more and better jobs are:

  • Raise the ambition of Barnsley business, institutions, people and communities
  • Improve education, employability and work-readiness
  • Improve routes into work
  • Enhance business skills and progression within the workplace.

Read the full plan for more detail about the four priorities and how they will be delivered.

A number of performance measures will be put in place to monitor the outcomes.

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